Garlic Software

Scott Gustafson is the owner and principal developer of Garlic Software LLC. He has always been at the forefront of any new technology that Apple comes out with. His love affair with Apple spans 20+ years.  He started programming his first computer, an Apple II+, back in 1983, in which he wrote an Image Editor in Assembly language and Pascal. He began his first professional programming job working for Cadence Designs System in 1990. He has worked for Epson, Adobe, eBay, PayPal, and a lot of startup companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is given credit for being a Mac expert in the book The Internet Voyeur. In 2007, Scott started learning IOS (IPhone Software Development Kit) as soon as Apple released the iPhone. Within 6 months, Scott released his first iPhone app, Mystic Dreamer Tarot followed by Mystic Faerie Tarot and Fairy Tale Tarot.

“Scott is a very knowledgeable developer who clearly has a lot of experience with iPhone and Mac development. On our team Scott was always the leader in ensuring that all of our iPhone code met the highest quality standards.He also showed versatility in his ability to write code in several languages. For example, he automated our entire build process via scripting.”
–eBay Mobile Application Developer

Scott is passionate about Software Engineering. Writing clean, organize, coherent, creative, and fun code is what he strives for. When he is not programming, he loves to watch science fiction movies with his wife, kayaking, hunting, reading novels, and playing with his kids.

“Scott was an excellent software engineer. He communicated well and was a pleasure to work with. He enjoyed the respect of others on the team.”
–AlphaSmart Co-founder and CTO

In his heart, Scott is a Mac not a PC. But he will program PC's if need be and it will be in the same breadth and quality as his Mac programs.

“I worked with Scott at ExpressDigital, when he managed the custom software projects. The work involved design and development of multi-threaded, multi-library applications running across several software tiers communicating via TCP/IP sockets, and required design and coding for multiple databases, custom communication protocols, and user interface.Scott had a consistently high quality of work, with great attention to detail. He was able to work with a large existing code base, and ensure that his code fit well both with the code intent and practice.Scott worked directly with key customers, and always represented the company professionally, and earned the respect of those he worked with. He always brought a great deal of enthusiasm and had a clear passion for the work. I would welcome an opportunity to work further with Scott.”
–Express Digital Software Dev Mgr